Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hello folks,
I wanted to update you on what's going on...I know it's been a while.  For a few reasons, I decided to close down Taiwo Bath and Body.  It's something I've thought about for a while, and just decided to act on. When something no longer moves you, it's time to let it go.  For those of you who have asked me for soapmaking advise via this blog, I am still available, so feel free to contact me there as well.  Once a soapmaker, always a soapmaker!
I will now be pursuing my long-time passion of home-making information and education in the form of my new blog AfroMartha. The new blog, which I am currently developing will be all inclusive with tips, Q&A, recipes and downloadables.  You will also find a neat little section with recipes/formula to make your own products bath and beauty, as well as cleaning products. I have included some of my more pertinent posts from this blog, as well as some new ones. I also plan to include a forum and other goodies in the future.  As such, this necessitates a change in venue, which will allow me to implement all the things I plan on doing. 

With that said, I introduce to you AfroMartha! Please surf on over there right now and check it out, but keep in mind I am still building it.