Saturday, February 14, 2009

Introducing Craftivity!

So, I'm finally realing a long-time goal of mine, which is to teach school age children functional crafting. I have wanted to do this since first starting to make soap, but at the time I limited the scope to just body products. I agonized over how to do it, and went through different transformations before finally arriving at Craftivity. I will now be teaching children how to make things for their own use. I'm very excited about it, and I hope that the class gets a good response at my daughter's school where I am testing out the concept. I know we are in tough economic times, but I can't think of a better time to start teaching our kids how to be more self-sufficient.
While looking for more ways to beef up the class offerings, I ran across this RePlayground. They are a company that makes gifts out of recycled materials. I've had this idea before, but never this wonderful! They take it to a whole other level! I absolutely love their creations, and I now have permission to use their ideas in my classes. Hooray Recycling! Viva Craftivity!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Craft Stores are the D*mn Devil!

So tonight I headed out to Joann's. I had scoped it out earlier in the week and they had some pretty good sales going on. Of course I was lost in there for about an many beautiful things to see, so many cute ideas!!! There's definitely a craft renaissance going on, as evidenced by the abundance of supplies out there. I remember when craft stores were grandma's playground. Now there are soooo many hip funky, fresh and simply fabulous fabrics out there! I'm even considering taking up I need another craft to add to my repertoire. hands get so jealous of what my mind can create!

Speaking of people living the dream, there are some designers I've been stalking. They are absolutely living my dream! I just love their work! I love Lotta Jansdotter for the simplicity of her designs. I love her for the same reason I love Ikea. It's that whole clean simple and well designed Scandinavian aesthetic. She makes me want to learn every kind of printing by hand that there is!

Then there's midwestern sweetheart Amy Butler. I don't know exactly when I took notice of her brand, but it's been on my radar ever since. Everything is just so fresh and wholesome and beautiful! I actually contacted her once, since she lives in my state, but that went nowhere.
Another designer I recently discovered is Heather Bailey. Her work is startlingly similar to Amy Butler, but there is a suble difference. Plus she gets mad props for those Trash! I wish I'd come up with that!

I love these 3 designers for many reasons. I guess what I love the most is that they make a great living doing what they love. They also show the rest of us that being crafty is not silly or unimportant.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Don't mistake the detours for shortcuts..."

So says the lyrics of a song I like. Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes it's easy to do just this. I did just that tonight. Okay, so it wasn't brain surgery, nor did it have life-altering consequences, thank goodness.

I set out to make a yummy looking recipe for truffles. These were to go to my kids' teachers for Valentines day. I got kinda lazy at the last minute and decided to go with chocolate covered pretzels. I'd been craving some since I had some at a work carry-in.

For starters I broke the #1 rule of chocolate melting, which is, do not melt over direct heat. I made another mistake in following the package directions, which said to melt either in microwave or in a pot on the stove. Well! I did just this and the 'chocolate' seized up like petrified wood!

In the end I have not truffles, no chocolate covered pretzels, and no valentines day presents for the teachers. I should've just gone with the truffles.

Don't mistake he detours for shortcuts.