Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I feel so special...

At the risk of coming off self-congratulatory, I made another treasury! And this one made front page yesterday! I totally missed my 15 seconds of fame though, due to the ongoing house project. I have not been in front of the computer as much. Making front page was one of my goals, and, wow, I made it! I wasn't even aware I was in this treasury because the curator didn't notify me (It's nice if they do, but they don't have to.)
Thanks to thepairabirds for her lovely treasury, and for including my votive shades once again. I can't wait to get back into creating more items for my JesPlayin shop.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Put some panties on dem windows...

In working on This Old House, I came to the realization of why it's so dark inside. Metal Awnings. On every window. The awnings are leaving the scene as we speak, courtesy of the hubster.
In addition to the awnings, there are light-blocking curtains on every window as well. I somewhat understand this as there are many large windows in the house. I on the other hand, love light. Lots of it, but I also understand the need for privacy. On an episode of some random HGTV show (I watch so many, they start to all blend together in my mind), I saw where they used something called 'Privacy film' to keep outsiders from peeking in. I thought this was genius, so I went and priced it. I can't remember how much you get per package, but I know it came to something like $30. This could add up! I had started trying to figure out how else to cover the windows but still have light. It suddenly hit me. Clear contact paper!!!
I remembered that I had some so I quickly gave it a try, and sure enough, it works! It's a very light adhesive film, so it doesn't leave tacky goo on your windows. I'm almost willing to bet that it's the same material marketed as 'privacy film'. Pffftt. At $3-5 a roll for a lot (I don't remember how much, but I know it was more than the 'privacy film' package) It is a substantial savings. I'm looking forward to doing this!
Oh, it's also useful for other projects such as wall art. Check out this instructable (not mine).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Treasury, Yay!

Thanks to Tennekka of MODNAROS for featuring my votive shades in her lovely treasury. I've included the screen capture for your viewing pleasure. This is my third treasury, (each time with this votive shades). It never occurred to me to save the first two via screen capture until I saw someone do it for their flickr. Now I wish I had memorialized the treasury in a picture. Oh well, there's always next time (I believe)
One day I hope to get around to doing one too...there are some really amazing creations on etsy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This old house

So we've gone and done it, bought ourselves an old house. The sweet old couple that sold it to us had lived there for 60 years! yes, almost twice as long as I've been alive. We fell instantly in love with the old world charm and huge family room. Dreams of an expansive crafting area, built-in bookcases and shelves, cozy atmosphere, and lovely hardwood floors prompted us to make an offer. Never mind the too small bedrooms, 1 tiny bathroom, and country decor and the knotty pine paneled walls and cabinets in the kitchen . When you're in love, you're in love!
Now it's ours, and the real work begins.
I've been ripping down wallpaper, which thankfully is coming down quite easily. What is it with elders and wallpaper anyway?! I also have been working to get rid of the country decor. The previous owners were heavy antique collectors, and they left us a lot of stuff. A lot of useful stuff, and a lot of stuff I have to get rid of. They did leave me a very nice round coffee table, and a nice buffet that I've been wanting for the dining room. They also left a lot of antique country style chairs that I'm not interested in. I'm sure these would probably sell well at a flea market or antique show, but I don't really have the time or energy or the space to store it. I do also feel bad selling certain things, like the rugs the old lady hooked about 50 years ago. Not only is it not really my style, but it I'm sure it's very cat- and dog-pissy. They're nice and huge! just not the right colors. I somehow feel that I'll wish I'd kept them in the winter cold.
Speaking of floors, I'm dying to un-earth the lovely hardwoods under the cat and dog-pissy carpet.
This old house is going to be fun to make into my fabulous new home, and I'll be sure to post pics.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving, Moving, Moving...

So it looks like we are moving. I didn't want to broadcast this till it was more of a reality. Even now that it's looming ahead (closing's in 3 days), I'm still hesitant to talk about it. Excitement is not the word for what I feel. I can decorate to my heart's content! I've been accumulating my furniture, freegan-style, for the new digs. In true JP style, I love to take something old and cast aside, fix it up and have friends 'ooh and aah' over how wonderful it is. Thanks, pre-owners! Even if I was well-off, I'd still do this. It's just too much fun. Once I get a chance I will post pics of some of my refurbishments (is that a word?). I've scored some major coups, including a pair unbelievably funky french-style chairs...Stay tuned.