Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Day I will laugh about this...

Tonight I was in the process of bottling my fresh batch of soap in preparation for this weekend's farmer's market, when in strolled my older two who are age 7 and 4. Of course they wanted to help. Of course my first inclination was a to scream a big, fat, NO. But of course, common sense, compassion, and a desire to be a good parent prevailed. I agreed to let them put the caps on the bottles for me. Everything was going swimmingly well, when inevitably, my 4 year old drops a bottle on the floor, spilling half its contents! I guess he lost his grip on the bottle because of drips on the side. Have you ever tried to mop up concentrated liquid soap off the floor??? You simply haven't lived! Of course I was vexed and wanted to have a screaming fit, but once again, I had restraint. All I could say was 'It's okay son, I know it was an accident.'
I wonder if there's been any sort of research statics on the amount of stress induced on parents from having to have so much restraint?

*On another note, my fabulous Votive Candle Shades made someone's treasury! Yay! I hope this translates into sales.

*My Taiwosoaps Etsy shop opened today, yay! I will be adding more items as I see fit, so stay tuned! Oh yeah, and shop too!
I'm equally passionate about both my product lines, but I didn't really see how to mesh the two in the same shop, so I opened a separate shop for the soaps.