Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creative A.D.D ...More craft ideas, I say!

I suffer from sever Creative A.D.D. Here are my symptoms:

1. Whenever I see something really really cute, I say 'I could've made that!'. Yeah, but I didn't, and that bothers me. A lot.

2. I am obsessed with making things. I have enough projects lined up for eternity, yet I continue to add more, or seek out new things to make.

3. I practically live in the craft section of bookstores and libraries. I just can't get enough ideas. More craft ideas, I say!

4. I find a new favorite medium almost monthly. I will full-on throw myself into a new craft for a few weeks, then begin to grow bored and find another. I will rediscover an old favorite craft and then become once more enamored, only to grow bored again. This happens with almost all crafts, except for Knitting/'s just too much work, lol.

5. I own supplies for almost any craft you can imagine. Need a brad awl? I got one! Need some embroidery hoops? I got those too! How about some Gocco ink? Yup, got some!

6. I spend more time discovering new crafts than I do producing something. I just discovered that I hate boring old production work. Who wants to make the same thing over and over again? On to the next item!

I could go on and on, but I think I've hit the major symptoms. Now I want to hear from you readers out there. I need your responses. Do you experience this? How do you cope? How do you stay focused? How do you stay on task and do what needs to be done without being all over the place?
Thanks for your responses/Suggestions.


Angelina said...

I have a similar problem. I have a whole lot of crafting and sewing supplies and am constantly finding new things I want to try. It makes me a little crazy but I went to a therapist a few years ago and complained to him how I have about a billion hobbies and I never seem to get much finished and he asked me what the big deal was.

He said that I sounded like the only person putting pressure on myself so maybe I should just enjoy having lots of hobbies and unfinished projects and just finish them when I feel like it.

I liked his philosophy. The main problem is spending too much money on new crafts. So I try to be more careful about that now. I don't want to end up having my husband nag at me as many husbands do to their wives for spending money on crafts.

What I'm trying to do right now is work with what I have. You have inspired me to go ahead and try to reupholster my armchair and my couch but I'm not letting myself buy any fabrics for it. It must come out of my stash.

Personally I think what it says about you is that you are a curious person who likes exploring projects and using your hands. It says you're capable and want to inhale the cool universe.

And why not?

Anne-Marie said...

I'm addicted to crafting too - and have literally boxes and boxes of nicely stacked projects, yarn, recipes and cool supplies. I just need to actually make what I have and not keep getting attracted to the new, cool design or medium to work with.

Have a creative outlet, even if it's 10 gazillion of them! is very healthy so from one over-crafted-gal to another, "Cheers!"

niomie said...

your post is so funny! it's as if i wrote it. i'm going through the same thing...a friend of mine called it a disease. not only am i making things, i'm also into photography, djing and throwing shows, so my passion for things keep growing and growing. i love it but i overwhelm myself sometimes. thanks for letting me vent on your blog! peace...niomie