Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Don't mistake the detours for shortcuts..."

So says the lyrics of a song I like. Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes it's easy to do just this. I did just that tonight. Okay, so it wasn't brain surgery, nor did it have life-altering consequences, thank goodness.

I set out to make a yummy looking recipe for truffles. These were to go to my kids' teachers for Valentines day. I got kinda lazy at the last minute and decided to go with chocolate covered pretzels. I'd been craving some since I had some at a work carry-in.

For starters I broke the #1 rule of chocolate melting, which is, do not melt over direct heat. I made another mistake in following the package directions, which said to melt either in microwave or in a pot on the stove. Well! I did just this and the 'chocolate' seized up like petrified wood!

In the end I have not truffles, no chocolate covered pretzels, and no valentines day presents for the teachers. I should've just gone with the truffles.

Don't mistake he detours for shortcuts.