Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Tea Party.

I was inspired by an old friend of mine to host a Tea Party for my friends this year for mother's day. Well, it was also inspired by the holiday tea my friends and I visited back in December at a Bed and Breakfast. It was so fun to get dressed and sit down to some finger sandwiches and sweets and actually get served. As Mothers, we rarely get a chance to sit down and get served! We're usually doing the serving and just eat on the run, or eat our kids' leftovers.

Anywhoo...this year for Mom's Day, I decided to host my friends. I even sent out 'save the dates' followed by invites. It wasn't a formal affair, but I did it up nice. I collected some nice dishes, cups etc to round out my little china collection. My daughter enjoyed making the tissue flower centerpiece. The plan was to make Heather's flower pinwheels but make them into corsages, but I just ran out of time...and I was exhausted! Check out the menu below.
Most of my guests canceled on the day of, but oh well. A good time was had by those who did show up.


Salad: Spinach & Mango Salad
Soup: Vegetable Soup
Hot Tea: Pure Chamomile
Iced Tea: Goji Berry Pomegranate
Water: Distilled flavored with Cucumber Slices
Sweets: Cranberry Orange Scones
Cinnamon Scones
Cookies with Almonds and Strawberry Preserves
Savories: Open-faced Cucumber Sandwiches
Turkey/Cream Cheese Rollups
Mini Quiches
Cheese & Turkey Bacon Croissants


lauren said...

Very nice!