Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taiwo Artisanal Soap...and a Contest!

I love to make Soap. I really do. Problem is, I find it hard to limit my selection of soaps to a few constant bars. To solve this dilemma, I am introducing a line of Artisanal Soaps. 'Artisanal' is defined as: Any product made by hand, by a skilled craftsman. I make these soaps by hand, with little to no mechanization. Well, I like to think I'm a skilled craftswoman, thank you very much!

Here is my first in this line of soaps. It is made with Olive, Coconut, Soy, Cottonseed oils, and Avocado oils, along with a healthy helping of Pure unrefined Shea Butter. The lovely green swirls you see is achieved with the use of natural mineral rich Spirulina. The soap is scented a fresh uplifting Pine scent. It is a healthy hunking 5.75 oz!

Okay, here comes the hard part. What do I name this soap? Hey, This calls for a contest...

The Rules:

1. Come up with the most clever name you possibly can.
2. This contest will go be open until Friday November 13, 2009 at 5pm EST.
3. Winner will be announced on Saturday November 14th, 2009 10am
4. Enter your entry either by commenting on this blog.
5. Winner will receive One free full-size bar of this soap.



Angie in AZ said...

This soap sounds wonderful and is really, really beautiful. The very first thing that popped into my mind reading about it and looking at the color, patterns, and texture is "Sand and Sea". The colors are of the sand and sea. The patterns remind me of swirls of water and the top, of waves. So that's my name.

G said...

I like "Pine Soul". The ingredients (olive, coconut, soy, etc.) and scent of the soap definitely makes it good for the body and soul.