Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Clue...

I realize I've been doing some food posts lately, so I guess I owe in the 'life' and 'making other stuff' department.
Being a very creative person can be very frustrating at times. So much I want to do, so little time. I also tend to flit around a lot, which is never good for business. Oh, I do enjoy my creativity! However, I've had the hardest time settling on which one to pursue. Asking a creatively ADD person to pick one thing and stick with it is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child... excruciatingly difficult.
I came back to my Taiwo products because it's the one I have the most experience in. I have been making soaps and other body products since December 1998 when it first hit me that it was possible to make this stuff at home. It's just always seemed logical to do that. After taking a 3 year break from the business (due to the increasing size of my family), I decided it was time to go back. I came back to the same problem I had before: how to pick a niche and focus on that niche. I always thought I had to offer EVERYTHING. That can be the death of a business too, trying to be everything to everyone. Just because you CAN do everything doesn't mean you SHOULD.
I think I may have finally found that niche. I am excited, but waiting until the initial excitement passes to make any announcements.
Stay tuned.


Positive Thoughts said...

I think it's difficult to narrow down your passions. The best I have been able to do is to try to have them play off of each other. I'm certainly not as creative as you but I find that I flourish where there is no why? but why not?

Ayo said...

I totally feel you! Trying to launch my body/hair care biz has been an overwhelming project. Coming up with the creative part has been juicifully fun but to narrow down what to offer has been a harrowing effort. Thanks for the article. It's a step in helping me target my goal list for the upcoming New Year. Look forward to hearing about what your niche is!
-Ayo Ogun