Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel that this is going to be the best year yet! To make that happen, certain plans have to be put in place. I won't disclose everything just yet, but there are a couple of changes coming to Taiwo in the immediate future. Here they are:

1. Moving back to Etsy from Artfire.
I like Artfire, but I LOVE etsy, even with it's limitations and sometimes wonky configuration. I've just never bonded with Artfires interface like I did with Etsy.Effective January 15 2010 Taiwo will move back to it's original Etsy site. You can always still find it at though.

2. Taiwo is changing focus.
As I mentioned in the last post, I have found a niche to focus my body products offerings in the vast bath and body marketplace. This is a hard decision because like I said, I like to make everything. I can make everything, but again that does not mean that I should. I have decided to focus my offerings specifically to Bath Products only. It is something I've really enjoyed making and using. I, a staunch shower lover am now a convert to the joys of taking a long relaxing bath.
I feel particularly confident to offer a line of products JUST for Baths because I realize the importance of baths. First of all, it's something that people are passionate about. Those who take baths really take baths. They soak. For Bathers, bathing is far more than just a cleansing ritual. I once had a friend who loved her baths so much that her kids new better than to try to talk to her while taking her baths. She took them NIGHTLY. It was her one thing she looked forward to at the end of each day.
I have identified different reasons why people take baths for relaxation. For some, it's a chance to daydream and visit distant lands in their minds. For others, it's a ritual they do before going out for a night of fun, say a girl's night out, maybe. For yet another group of people, it is the prelude to romantic evening. For some others, it's a therapeutic ritual, like soaking sore muscles, or dry itchy irritated skin. Sometimes it's all these reasons at different times of our lives...
I am excited to offer my latest offerings: Bubbling Bath Fizzies, Bath Oils, and Dry Bubble Bath and Bath Powders. As things progress I may add some related items, but in the meantime, it will be strictly these products.


AnotherGuy said...

Huzzah! I have found the web-home of the owner of my favorite comment ever!

Sounds like you are having quite some ambitious things going on this year. Cheers to having a good one!

loly said...

I wish you a lot of customers for you new direction in bath only !