Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buttons & Bows

So tonight my daughter asks me if we can have workshop. I am dead tired, I mean, so sleepy I can't see straight. But I go ahead and say yes because I've been blowing her off about 'workshop' for the past few weeks. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day between all the things that need to be done, and the stuff that has to be done. Anyway, tonight we have time, but I'm just tired and chronically sleep deprived. All I wanted was to crawl into my bed and watch TV till my eyes fall out, or I pass out...probably the latter. I say yes anyway.
'Workshop' was my brilliant solution to the 'mommy-can-I-helps' that inevitably happens when I'm in the studio trying to create. This would usually lead to frustration as I can't get anything done because a little person wants to 'help', or needs supervision. So I decided (rather ambitiously) that twice a week I would let them come in the studio and create. Of course, twice a week is a lot, especially during the school year. Workshop almost became obsolete during the 'Annie Jr. months', when she was in late rehearsals for the play.
So tonight, I say yes, sleep be damned, and I had a great time! She ended up making a bracelet out of some cute buttons I've been saving for the right project. As I found out, the right project is what you make it. She made a button bracelet, and I made a bunch of button barrettes, and one bow-rette. At the Mocha conference in Chicago I attended a couple of weeks ago, I saw a lady that makes and sells these, and I was like "hey, I have those same EXACT buttons!". Now why didn't I think of that??? They were quite simple to make too.
No, I will not be selling these. I just made them for fun, and for my girlfriend's daughter's birthday this weekend. SJ really loves these bows, so I'll make a couple more as a present.
I will try to get the pic of the bracelet that Princess Snaggletooth made. She went to bed before I could get a picture.
Here are the pics of what I made, and a picture of my generally always messy worktable. Also I've added another picture of my liquid soap with my working label. Please critique if you'd like. Okay, I will now find my way to bed.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mother you are to sacrifice sleep for workshop time with your daughter. I gotta say those barrettes came out so cute! The best times I spent with my mom was when we were working on a project together, like a puzzle or sewing...

Can't wait to see how the bracelet turned out!

And I love the soap label.. Did you decide you would sell it?

AfroMartha said...

I did sell the soap. I will do my post on the farmer's market in the next few days, along with the pic of the bracelet/anklet.