Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yellow Springs Farmer's Market

So much happened this week on the liquid soap front. I was so happy with the soap I made I decided to sell it! I remembered suddenly that the Yellow Springs market is a free setup, and the village is full of the kinds of folks that would appreciate this, so I thought it'd be a great place to start. I had been by the market about 2 weeks before to scout it out and saw they had 2 soapmakers selling there. I think my product is different enough to stand apart from the others, so I decided to go for it. This meant, chaos...especially since I had NO in labels, biz cards, display etc. It really wasn't too bad though. I had only 6 20 ounce bottles of the soap on hand. Usually I wouldn't even do a show with that few products, but I figured I had nothing to lose, and it was a great way to test the market. So I set about designing labels, cards, and a display. It was wonderful that I didn't have so many products to outfit, so I was able to focus on the look I was going for: Earthy, Natural, and Green...literally. My labels were green. I can't give you all my secrets, but lets just say, I had to do some pretty creative upcycling and repurposing to end up with what you see before you.
So how did I do? I sold 4 out of 6 bottles, which is great, considering that I was only there about 2 hours. You see, it started raining and thundering really hard,. I didn't have shelter, and Princess Snaggletooth is terrified of rain, thunder and lightening. For some reason she's really worried about hurricanes and tornadoes. I think if I'd stayed the whole time I would've accomplished my goal of selling everything. I will return next week, because it was a great experience.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! You did a great job on the packaging and congrats on your sells!