Friday, June 20, 2008

Liquid Soap, Yay!

Those who know me know that I used to sell my handmade soaps and lotions. I've made both bar soaps and liquid soap using the cold process method. I'm considering selling it again, but I have to see how I'm going to make it all happen. I'm way too talented for my own good! This is my blessing, and this is my curse, a la Spiderman.
Anyway, I took a loooong hiatus from Soapmaking. In the interim I've used both bars and shower gels, but nothing compares to my handmade soap. Last night I made a batch of the most delicious, richest, most soothing batch of Liquid soap! I'm so excited at how easy it was, and how well it turned out. The whole thing took approximately 4 hours, but about 90% of that time was oven time. I didn't take pictures this time, but next time I definitely will. I might even do a tutorial for anyone out there who is interested in making some. If there's enough interest I will sell it.
The batch I made used cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut & corn oils. Can you say rich and soothing??!! I used it this morning and my skin is loving it. Washed my hair with it, and I didn't even use conditioner. Awesome.
Like I said, I didn't take pictures of the process, but I will put up a picture of the pot, and the bottle below.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome!!! If you listed all the ingredients in your post, your soap is vegan (YAY!!!), and I would happy to purchase some. That would be once I'm settled with a job..hehe!

That tutorial sounds great as well.

AfroMartha said...

Thanks again! It didn't even occur to me, but the soaps are vegan! Another way to plug it. I currently have it listed for sale here: I'm still working out whether to list it on my Etsy page or not. I kind of don't want to mix the two product lines but I still haven't decided.

Rachel said...

I know this post is over 5 years old, but I'm wondering if it's at all possible that you would be willing to share the recipe you used here. Would really appreciate it!