Monday, August 11, 2008

Put some panties on dem windows...

In working on This Old House, I came to the realization of why it's so dark inside. Metal Awnings. On every window. The awnings are leaving the scene as we speak, courtesy of the hubster.
In addition to the awnings, there are light-blocking curtains on every window as well. I somewhat understand this as there are many large windows in the house. I on the other hand, love light. Lots of it, but I also understand the need for privacy. On an episode of some random HGTV show (I watch so many, they start to all blend together in my mind), I saw where they used something called 'Privacy film' to keep outsiders from peeking in. I thought this was genius, so I went and priced it. I can't remember how much you get per package, but I know it came to something like $30. This could add up! I had started trying to figure out how else to cover the windows but still have light. It suddenly hit me. Clear contact paper!!!
I remembered that I had some so I quickly gave it a try, and sure enough, it works! It's a very light adhesive film, so it doesn't leave tacky goo on your windows. I'm almost willing to bet that it's the same material marketed as 'privacy film'. Pffftt. At $3-5 a roll for a lot (I don't remember how much, but I know it was more than the 'privacy film' package) It is a substantial savings. I'm looking forward to doing this!
Oh, it's also useful for other projects such as wall art. Check out this instructable (not mine).